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Welcome To Velocity

We care's and concerned for the health and prosperity of Veterinary industry

Standy-Mix (Liquid)

A Combination Of Oral Salts With Gluconeogenic Precursors Fortified With Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids

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Velocal-P (Granules)

Natural Calcium and Phosphorus Supplement Fortified With Vitamin-D. Calcium (2200 mg) Phosphorus (1000 mg) Vitmainv D (4500 IU)

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V-Lick (Chat)

V-Lick is fortified With Multi Minerals Including Na,K,Ca,P,Mn.,Cu,Zn,Co,S,etc. With Additional Advantage of Indian Herbs in Salt Which is Very useful.

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About Us


Velocity is established in 2022 with a Philosophy of Self-reliance, quality and want to make every coustomer a happy and prosperous life and survival. Velocity is a customer driven organization now is going to be a picture of both strength and diversity in the veterinary industry of INDIA


In Technical & manufacturing Collaboration with Siya Formulations (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company With GMP Certifications). We are manufacturing good quality nutritional feed supplements which provides rapid relief, Better growth & productivity in live stock, dairy & poultry animals.


Velocity is totally devoted for the prosperity & growth of the veterinary industry. velocity is in for front to catter the needs of its customers for live stoke, companion animal & poultry. Velocity is having integral relationship with its customer through well trained dedicated field force

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Stop Hair Lose and Improves shining in calf & Improves growth in livestock


Calciguard-G is a concentrated natural calcium & phosphorus fortified with vitamin-D...


Improves Water contents in the system & Prevents Dehydration.


Helps to improve milk yield hepatic stimulant and growth promoter.

Cattle Production

Cattle Nutrition

Feed is a key to profitable cattle raising. Cattle need food nutrients for maintenance, growth and production. The animal raiser must formulate feeds based on his animals’ sex, age, weight gain desired and the moisture content of available roughage and feeds.