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We care's and concerned for the health and prosperity of Veterinary industry

About Us

Velocity is established in 2022 with a Philosophy of Self-reliance, quality and want to make every coustomer a happy and prosperous life and survival. Velocity is a customer driven organization now is going to be a picture of both strength and diversity in the veterinary industry of INDIA

In Technical & manufacturing Collaboration with Siya Formulations (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company With GMP Certifications). We are manufacturing good quality nutritional feed supplements which provides rapid relief, Better growth & productivity in live stock, dairy & poultry animals.

Velocity is totally devoted for the prosperity & growth of the veterinary industry. velocity is in for front to catter the needs of its customers for live stoke, companion animal & poultry. Velocity is having integral relationship with its customer through well trained dedicated field force



Velocity works on the sole objective to give precise & exceptional Aniaml care services to become a persistent veterinary service provider. We believe that all Animal parents should have access to convenient, affordable preventive veterinary care that fits your lifestyle and your Animal's needs.

Our focus is on veterinary preventative health care. We enjoy a strong partnership with our vendors which allows us to provide these services for your beloved Animals at low-cost and convenient times.

We are focused on building a strong service network for your Animals regular basic needs. All of the medical records & treatments are available to our customers online anytime anywhere and through a paper report card also.


Manufacturers created goods and services, inside and outside sales staff, and sent those professionals out to connect directly with potential customers at trade shows, in offices, and via tightly controlled advertising campaigns in industry publications.

Our products are good and cheap, our team together works well in the market, along with good weber keeps, the product reaches you on time.

Our products are of very good rate or good quality which gives good nutrition to animal our all products quality is very good


Distribution Channel

We have stock available of all products, packing of all goods is very good

And now we're opening a dist in Sub City If anyone has request can contact us.